Today, can you ever imagine driving without GPS in a new city or neighborhood?

Do you think there is heroism in turning the GPS off, and then wasting a lot of time to 'figure things out' and to reach your destination late?

GPS brings you the collective wisdom of a lot of people and data, so you don't have to struggle to find your way around till your final destination. In a similar manner, Mentoring can be a great strategic tool for you to tap into the collective wisdom of experts around you or from anywhere in the world, and how you can leverage that wisdom to learn things quickly and apply that learning immediately to accelerate your own career.

Just like there is no real sense in turning off a GPS while driving from one place to the next especially in new neighborhoods, similarly there is no reason why anyone should build their career or entrepreneurial venture completely on their own without ever asking for help of others they respect and trust?

Take the Art of Mentoring course today. The tips and best practices you will learn from this course will fundamentally and positively transform the way you ask for help and how you help others, and in the process not only accelerate your career but also build your legacy.